Queenzy’s Profile

Queenzy’s illustrious musical story began when she was five years old. Performing solo in her relative’s wedding reception, she mesmerized her spectators. She gradually transformed into an artiste, launching her first debut at the age of eight. Famous for releasing Chinese New Year albums over the last two decades, Queenzy also performs across other genres from classical music to musical theatre and pop. To date, she has launched more than 30 albums.

Following her success of her albums, Queenzy collectively formed M-Girls in year 2001 with three other emerging artistes; Angeline Khoo, Cass Chin and Crystal Ong. The M-Girls’ debut album and subsequent releases won multiple awards leading them to be the most-talked about group in Malaysia. M-Girls was quickly dubbed the S.H.E. of Malaysia. Their albums were not only the fastest-selling album in the Malaysian Chinese New Year album history but also in the Asian region.

Riding on the success of M-Girls, Queenzy continued to released her own 2018 Chinese New Year album when her group was taking a break. The Queenzy & Friends series was a new breakthrough in the Chinese New Year album market with lively festive tunes, innovative filming and editing techniques. It sets a new benchmark from the conventional lunar new year music videos, reflecting the current trend of celebration, dressings and venues.

Queenzy’s success with her musical career and her transition into an actress made her one of the most defining artistes in the entertainment scene. Her shows are broadcasted on Astro, RTM, Media Prima and on YouTube channels. Apart from acting, Queenzy is also a brand ambassador and community influencer with an ever growing fan base especially on her social media platforms.

In year 2017, Queenzy co-founded Innoceutical Sdn Bhd; an aspiring Malaysian biotechnology company founded by women using the latest scientific and technological processes to transform nutritional products into convenient, palatable and delicious functional foods for the benefit and enjoyment of mankind. A series of health supplements under the brand Celebeaute was formulated and launched to promote beautiful skin, complexion and overall health.

Today, Queenzy is raging into her next phase of her career where she strives to soar to greater heights, inspiring her spectators with her talents. Queenzy astonishes, captivates and mesmerises the masses and is widely celebrated by her audiences.