今年你最好 2018 You Are The Best! Chinese New Year DVD

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Celebrate Chinese New Year 2018 with Queenzy Cheng 莊群施 and her friends with the 今年你最好 2018 You Are The Best! Chinese New Year album. This year’s album was inspired to bring out the best of every one especially family, friends and fans who have accompanied Queenzy throughout her musical journey in the last two decades.

Composed and written by award winning composers and lyricists; Ang Chee Ciang and Wong Chee Seong, this album comprises 7 songs with 2 new compositions and 5 traditional tunes. The lyrics for one of the new composition song was written and dedicated specially for you by Queenzy together with her fans.

Order Now and Let us sing along as we usher into the year 2018 of the Earth Dog!