Cheng Koon Si, also known by her stage name, Queenzy started her musical journey at the age of five when she performed to a large audience in her relative’s wedding reception. After discovering her passion for singing, Queenzy picked up piano at the age of seven, a skill and talent that has proven vital in her musical journey till today. Her musical talent has evidently resonated in her since young. Within a short time frame, Queenzy discovered that she was walking in the path of her dreams and desires of being a singer and recording artiste.

An ardent singer at heart, Queenzy has performed across wide genres ranging from classical music to musical theatre and pop. Her name is also synonymous with Chinese New Year albums in Malaysia. Queenzy can be found regularly in performing spaces where she gained valuable musical experience and exposure thus adding to her accomplishments. Queenzy credits her success to her family especially her parents as they have been the driving force throughout her journey – from a young talented girl grooming her into an ambitious grown singer, recording artiste and actress.

Queenzy’s evolution as an artiste over the last two decades has been influenced by her passion towards various musical genres and critiques by her audience. Queenzy debut album at the age of eight – Golden Couple (金童玉女) in year 1994 has paved the platform for her remarkable musical career opening up various avenues. Queenzy was determined to continue inspiring and captivating listeners with her songs. She constantly strives to improve her weaknesses with a goal to reach a greater spectrum of audience.

In year 1995, Queenzy together with another rising star Crystal Ong released their first album – Auspicious Wishes from Stars (双星). Riding on the success of the album with Crystal, they launched the second volume of the same album subsequent year. The second volume was filmed in Beijing, China making them the first teenage artistes in Malaysia to venture abroad. Queenzy has also released numerous albums throughout the decades and won numerous awards. Though a relatively young performer in Malaysia’s music and entertainment industry, Queenzy has also worked with veteran composers, songwriters and musicians.

In year 2001, she formed the group M-Girls (四个女生) together with Angeline Khoo, Cass Chin and Crystal Ong. The group quickly rose to fame and was nicknamed the Malaysia’s version of S.H.E. The group has released more than 20 albums which is sold mainly in the Asian region. Notable awards include Nanyang Top Ten Award of Excellence in singing (2005) and The Best Chinese New Year Album by Malaysia PWH Music Award (2010 and 2015). They also won the Special Encouragement Award during the prestigious Malaysia Music Industry Award ceremony in 2016.

Riding on the success of M-Girls, Queenzy continued to released her own 2018 Chinese New Year album when her group was taking a break. The Queenzy & Friends series was a new breakthrough in the Chinese New Year album market with lively festive tunes, innovative filming and editing techniques. It sets a new benchmark from the conventional lunar new year music videos, reflecting the current trend of celebration, dressings and venues.

Besides singing, Queenzy has also appeared in TV movies, dramas, sitcoms, telemovies, commercials and print advertisements. Some of these commercial works include clients such as Mediacorp Studios, Woohoo Pictures, DreamTeam Studio, The Rock Productions, M Pictures, Triomedia, Superlative Media, Fiery Films, Asia Tropical Films, MM2 Entertainment, Wacoal, Resorts World Genting, Hatten Group, Viss Footwear, True Harmony, Manna Biotech, Estee Clinic Malaysia and many more.

Her debut drama in year 2000 titled Fairy Tales of the Sky (童话的天空) impressed viewers with her acting skills and became one of the highest-rated drama series of the year. With a natural flair for acting, Queenzy played every character with such affluence, enchanting rave reviews from audiences. Her adaptability is also evident in various blockbuster drama serials, sitcoms and movies which is broadcasted via Astro, RTM channels and Media Prima channels (NTV7 and 8TV).

With a gentle and soothing voice, Queenzy’s strength lies in her ability to connect with her audience enabling her to be an experienced host for any event. She mesmerises and captivates audiences with her bubbly charm, melodious voice, vivid personality and photogenic smile. Since 2011, she has been a host for various TV programmes and online documentaries. Being able to speak in English, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien) and Malay made her a versatile emcee and host who is able to articulate with full of passion towards any program.

As a veteran in the music industry, Queenzy immensely contributes to the local music scene through her passion in teaching. Queenzy is a very active vocal teacher and she is an advocate of grooming young talents thus contributing to the evolution of local music scene. She is also looking to recruit and train fresh talents giving them an avenue to contribute to this industry.

In year 2017, Queenzy co-founded Innoceutical Sdn Bhd; an aspiring Malaysian biotechnology company founded by women using the latest scientific and technological processes to transform nutritional products into convenient, palatable and delicious functional foods for the benefit and enjoyment of mankind. A series of health supplements under the brand Celebeaute was formulated and launched to promote beautiful skin, complexion and overall health.

Queenzy has been involved in many charitable causes across Malaysia. She has a heart for the youth and underprivileged as well as elderly. She strives to be the voice for the voiceless by standing up for social justice issues. A firm believer in human diversity, Queenzy believes in giving back to the society through the power of music.

Having grown up in a musical environment, Queenzy believes in the elusive power of music and lyrics that can brought upon the heart, soul and mind. She prays that her music will be able to bring therapeutic effect to her listeners. She will continue to pursue her dreams by inspiring listeners through her lyrics that touches the heart and soul. Staying complacent will never be her virtue hence Queenzy is always seeking new opportunities to contribute her talent and to emerge her career globally.